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The Company is strongly capable ofthe technologies and total solutions regarding Delegated management operation of water treatment for industrial enterprises.

With increasingly developed economy and highly required environment protection, sewage treatment technology gradually developed towards the integration featuring the combination of process coordination and scientific application of chemical agents.The purpose of sewage treatment has been changed from traditional "sewage treatment + discharge standard satisfaction" to “water recycling” centered by water quality regeneration, from simple pollution control to water ecologyrestoration and recovery.

The Company has a technical team of professional technical team fordelegated management operation of water stationformed by specialisted teams of water treatment chemicals and process technology, strongly capable of agent R&D and technical application, and technically supportive of the difficulties, including higher cost, sub-standard sewage discharge, unprofessional sewage treatment and management and lack of sewagetreatment professionals for industrial enterprises.


As for industrial sectors such as iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical, textile printing and dying, metal plating, pulping and paper making, municipal sewage, sludge etc., Yuquan Company has developed more efficient and stabler technologies of sewage treatment and industrial water supply, and provided the users with the most economical and reliable comprehensive solutions and quality services of water treatment.


The Company has a technical R&D team formed by a group of professors, experts and seniorengineers, and possesses water industry experience in technical R&D and application and service for many years; the Company establishes a professional technical advisory team to provide the consultancy regarding water treatment process, agent and technology and customized comprehensive solutions of water treatment to the clients.Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, letter or visit!


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